ReStore Regenerative Fertiliser

ReStore is not just a fertiliser. Restore's unique blend of carbon (biochar), and organic chicken fertiliser focuses on optimizing your soil's biology to minimize your input costs while maximising output. It offers increased yields, resilience to climate instability, and higher health and vitality. ReStore works WITH nature’s ecosystem instead of against it – as do harmful chemical fertilisers.

By using Restore you are helping Mother Nature. It is sustainably carbon negative, thereby eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. It eliminates the dependency on chemical fertilisers and improves crop yield, as well as water and nutrient retention capabilities – and biochar lasts a lifetime!

By working with nature, ReStore not only increases profitability through reduced inputs and better quality, but plays a massive role in reversing the environmental damage we have caused. A perfect win-win scenario!


Biochar enhancement lasts a lifetime!

Improved water retention.

Lower input costs save you money.

Reduced insect infestation and disease.

Quicker, healthier growth and yield.

100% natural – no harmful chemicals.

Uses and Applications

ReStore is the ideal natural fertiliser for domestic gardens, nurseries and landscaping projects, as well as for farming and agriculture. ReStore turns gardens, croplands, grazing land, sports fields, country clubs and forest restoration projects into thriving carbon negative zones – at the forefront of natural soil enhancement.

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About Us

We are reversing environmental damage and harmful gas emissions by enhancing and regenerating soil, water quality, food resources and habitats with ReStore Regenerative Fertiliser. This unique product is helping to improve our wellbeing, our health and the economy.

You can participate by using ReStore.

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