About Us

The Senfore Soil project was initially conceived to combat the eutrophication process along the Kleinrivier Estuary in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Eutrophication occurs when too much nitrogen and phosphorus from harmful fertilizers in farming leaches into rivers. This causes algae in the water to grow faster than ecosystems can handle. Significant increases in algae harm water quality, food resources and habitats, and decrease the oxygen that fish and other aquatic life need to survive.

ReStore natural fertiliser was developed to reverse the eutrophication process by permanently raising the fixed carbon levels in the soil. Its unique blend of biochar and organic chicken manure was created for optimal soil enhancement and regeneration. The biochar content basically lasts forever, while holding onto the chicken fertiliser and releasing it over time, decreasing the need for repeat applications.

"In order for Agriculture to be sustainable, environmentally and financially, we have to move away from Chemical inputs and regenerate the soil".

Dr Johann Strauss, PhD Agriculture Univ of Stellenbosch. Agronimist Western Cape Dept of Agriculture.

Our Mission

It is our mission to grow the Senfore Soil project – by reversing environmental damage and harmful gas emmissions – to benefit soil, water quality, food resources and habitats in the whole of the Western Cape, and eventually the whole of South Africa!

Our Team

Luke Boshier

Operations and R&D (Research & Development)
Next generation Food and Energy Specialist

Kobus Stoop

Finance and Corporate Services Director
Corporate Specialist

Ignatius, Rowen, Spamandla and Akhona

4 of 15 employees working at our factory in the Stanford Industrial Area.

What we do

1. Cutting and Removing Alien Invaders

4. Mixing with Chicken Manure

2. Chipping into Biomass

5. Pelletising for ease of use

3. Producing High Quality Biochar

6. Packaging & Distributing

Contact Us

For more information or orders:

Call or Whatsapp us on 066 129 6862
Email: kobus@senforesoil.co.za