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Autumn Gardening Tips

Preparing your Autumn Garden This is a fun time of the year when you can dream about and plan for the crops to come in the growing season. This is the ideal time for preparing your garden soil before the actual seeds go into the ground. 1. Harvesting the last of the summer crops - […]

Junk food is also bad for your plants

Feeding your plants unnatural chemical fertilizers is bad for their health - and yours Most of us have become aware that the Western diet with its processed food products, usually found in the middle aisles of the grocery store, are a major contributor to disease and illness. But we are not the only ones consuming […]

ReStore Monthly Competition

Send us photos BEFORE and AFTER treating your garden, lawn or veggies to ReStore Fertilizer. The entrant showing the best results will win TWO 20Kg bags of ReStore Fertilizer! Email your photos and phone number to eril@designtank.co.za Closing date: The last day of each month T&Cs apply Get your bag of ReStore now! FREE DELIVERIES […]