Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden endorses ReStore

Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden recently promoted ReStore Regenerative Fertilizer with a 'Black Friday Giveaway' – because it is a product and approach that they believe in.

This is what they said in an Instagram post:

"ReStore BLACK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY (and Saturday) – the first 3 visitors to Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden before the end of Saturday who show this promotion at the Garden Shop can claim 1 free 5kg bag of ReStore soil conditioner worth R85. Biochar has huge soil and environmental benefits. Biochar is porous, absorbant and has the ability to hold and slow release nutrients. By itself it’s almost too good at this, and can cause macronutrient deficiencies in the short term. Senfore ReStore is a combination of pelleted chicken manure and biochar that acts as a slow nutrient reserve that also conditions soil increasing porosity and water holding capacity. Even better, each kg of biochar is 90% or more Carbon content, in a form that is stable and does not degrade. 1 kg of biochar used as soil amendment can near permanently sequester nearly 3.3 kg of Carbon Dioxide – equivalent to the emissions of 1.4 Litres of petrol so it can actively reduce global climate change by CO2 emissions. Each 5kg bag of ReStore represents an offset of 3.6 L of fuel and actively helps the planet."

"As if this all wasn’t enough, the biochar component of Senfore ReStore is produced from invasive exotic wattle and other trees in biodiversity conservation clearing operations in the Overberg, combined with local chicken farming in a way that reduces nitrogen and phosphate pollution and improves living conditions for the chickens. Use of biochar in soil may even improve soil CO2 retention in the long term, further contributing to positive climate change impacts. This is a product we actively tracked down and researched in our quest to find growing options that work for you and are good for the world."

"Their website is in the link from our profile. We have no affiliation with or benefit from the company, this is just a product and approach we believe in."

ReStore permanently stores biochar in the ground in a positive way by making it carbon negative. It acts as a haven for beneficial soil microbes. This can be used to enhance soil quality even in the poorest of soils, without using dangerous and expensive chemical fertilizers.

Find out more about ReStore HERE.

For your nearest stockist go HERE, or for assistance contact Kobus:

Phone or Whatsapp: 066 129 6862

Wholesale: Ask for wholesale prices and deliveries.

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