How to save a lagoon ...

by Athol McOnie, owner of Stanford Harvest, Elandsvalley farm on the Kleinriver Estuary in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Video by Makhulu Media.

Lush, green lawn finally!

"Having only used chemical fertilisers and watching the weather forecast, longing for rain, then dashing out(often applying the fertiliser in the rain), I finally discovered Restore!
Easy to apply, then slight watering and an earthy smell for a short time. Within a week, I noticed healthy, green, new growth. Within a month my lawn was transformed into a bright green, spongy carpet!
Restore has also done wonders for my Hydrangeas and Clivias. I used to spend a fortune on hydrangea food, but no more. I apply Restore about every 3 months, which is probably not necessary, but the results are so brilliant that I don't want to risk any more brown patches on my lawn or unhappy plants. The soil holds moisture for so much longer, that you will notice a huge drop in your water bill.
A definite must have!!!
P.S. I will gladly send pictures."

Maureen Crossman, Hermanus

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